Inside Story

Growing IN the right direction

At MWEB we live and breathe the internet. It’s a space where exciting things can happen. Which is why we believe that the words “Job” and “Satisfaction” sound so bland. It’s like getting 6 out of 10 on a scale of happiness. At MWEB we don’t want you to be “satisfied” with your job, we want you to love it. But what is love without reason? 

That’s why at MWEB we create an environment in which you can grow and develop your skill set at the right time in your career, so that you’ll constantly feel motivated and engaged. With your own individual development and career path plan, whether you’re into a leadership or a technical speciality there’s always room for you to grow.

MWEB Graduate Programs:  

MWEB offers Graduate Programmes anchored around the core functions of the business. This ensures we look to grow our talent pipeline for the future. We offer a variety of streams including Technology, Digital, VoIP, Finance and HR.  While we place a high value on academic excellence, we believe the best way to learn and grow is to get involved! Our grads are placed on an accelerated 12 - 18 month programme that doesn’t just offer you a training programme but rather a real job from day one that exposes you to real business challenges and projects.